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About Darwin LaFord & LaFord Painting

Darwin LaFord’s painting career started in 1997. LaFord’s passion for his work quickly helped establish him and his company as key members in the local painting industry. Today LaFord Painting is considered the premier house painting company in Woodland and Vancouver, Washington. LaFord Painting can handle projects both large and small.

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Why use my services?

“I am an honest and approachable person who can offer a great deal of knowledge and experience, as well as being able to communicate with clients about their needs. I fully understand the needs of the business and my customers, rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of a project. I pay attention to detail and take great pride in everything I do. I am always interested in hearing my client’s comments to ensure they are pleased with the final results. I know my existing clients will return when the time is needed.

I know I can provide great work and I am also very interested in forming long-term relationships with my clients. I believe in my work and know you will too. I will be happy to pass along references to ensure you feel happy with your decision to choose LaFord Painting. For painter services, please give me a call today!”

Darwin LaFord

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